New Land Adventure

Greetings….thanks for visiting Sailislands…


I am presently in New England on a road trip .   Whitewing should have a new owner in a few days.


I will be designing a new website for my new adventures.


Good luck to all who are also pursuing their dreams, either on the water or on land.


Capt. Herman Bips III



A beautiful rainbow in Long Bay, St Ameli Harbour….lots of boats anchored as well as megayachts in Yachthaven Grand Marina…


The local safari taxis provide low cost transportation in St.Thomas,  highest fare is $2…nice outdoor driving experience.



The children’s parade during Carnival is wonderful to watch…go kids!



One of many floats along the waterfront drive.



This boat dragged and ended up holing on the rocks….they had 2 pumps going and towed it .  It was a salvage claim and very expensive for the owner.  Winds blew to 30knots ….often boats drag in this harbour.

DSCN0589   Honeymoon beach on Waters Island is a favorite among the locals. Two beach bars and good music  make this a great sunday afternoon getaway.

^DSCN0588   Honeymoon also has a great “wet” bar.  Grab a beer/drink and come on out!

DSCN0590     The beach is long and beautiful , and is excellent to snorker and view some turtles.


DSCN0584    M:y neighbor in the harbour,  s/v  Mystic out of Connecticut.  Beautiful !


DSCN0536    Fellow cruising friends join me for a hike on historical hassel island….good workout!

Coppertail Brewery in Tampa


Welcome to the Tampa Coppertail Brewery! Capt Herman visited the brewery and enjoyed tasting the beers served by his son Sam….Sam also conducts tours of the brewery.








CAPTAINPC - WIN_20150607_180105

The brewery is located on Adamo Drive, across from IKEA.

CAPTAINPC - WIN_20150607_180437

Coppertail brews beer for distribution and also onsite consumption.  Only beer, no food, wine or liquor.  Food trucks can be found in the parking lot.

St. Thomas, USVI

harbrvwstWelcome to St. Thomas,  Charlotte Amalie.   Quite the busy harbour with the cruisers and up to four large cruise ships!












A birdseye view of Hassel Island and further to the east,  Water Island, a popular mooring area.


















St. Thomas attracts      many fine larger yachts from around the world.  Here is a classic docked over in the Crown Bay area.






The US Coast Guard mantains a presence here in St. Thomas.











The Marriott Hotel sits at the entrance to the main harbour and has a shuttle boat to down.  The hotel is on Frenchman’s Reef.











Buck Island is three miles east of St.Thomas is has great snorkeling viewing turtles and a wreck.  Great visibility.












BlackBeard’s castle is still overlooking the harbour.  Definitely had pirate dominance in St . Thomas……











This Pirate is part of the museum as you walk down from the castle.  Tough looking fellow these pirates!






Many fine old churches are still in use in St. Thomas.

Below,  the Ninety-Nine steps are original and joined the lower harbour area to the hilly area above.





S/V Whitewing at anchor in Charlotte Ameli, St. Thomas,VI.



























Welcome to Culebra

Culebra as seen approaching from the west.  Beautiful mountains line the coast.



culebraharb  Inside the harbour, my neighbor is a large sailboat redone as a trawler..

culeharbhomes     Many homes are on the edge of the waterfront.

pirageisland    Pirate island is a closeby and fun to snorkel and look for lobster.


whitewingnewhome   Whitewing is anchored in her new harbour.  It’s over 20 ft. deep and heavy tradewinds blow daily, so lots of  anchor chain out.  This anchorage gets busy in December when the season starts.


culelobstr     Yes, there a lobster in the harbour.  These two decided to join me as dinner….Yummy!


culeliftbridge    This liftbridge used to work.  It goes over the canal that connects the two sides of the island.


cullib     The library is community based and offers good wifi and book exchange.  A few minutes from the dingy dock.


flamingbch    Flamingo Beach is one of the top ten beaches in the world.  Just a $3  bus ride from the dingy dock.  It is located on the northwest corner of the island and gets some good size waves.


Dominican Wedding Sheyla and Walmer

DSCN0148wachiicake  Uncle to the bride, Wachee, picks up the bridal cake in a cab and delivers it to the wedding scene.  Watch those bumps!  He also escorts Mama to the ceremony area.

DSCN0198 The happy bride and groom,  Sheyla Cueto and Wlamer Morrabel, are ready to sign and make the union official.

DSCN0196 Signing away her singleness to become a married woman.

DSCN0166 The bride is escorted by her dad, Norman.  Looking good.

DSCN0161  Walmer’s parents stand with him at the improvised altar waiting for the bride to make her way down to the beautiful waterfront.

DSCN0147  Pappa looks good standing with these young guys.

DSCN0146  A wonderful backdrop of water and sky!

DSCN0145 Uncle Ronny with nephew Alvin.  The younger kids are growing up.

DSCN0144  Uncle Freddy, second from left, getting the bar going with assistance from local friends.  Good drinks!

DSCN0134  Beautiful waterfront altar ready for the wedding to start.

DSCN0127  Sister of the bride, Janna, is busy at work making sure it is all decorated .  Thanks for all the work for you sister.

DSCN0126  Norman with daughter Angel,  and long time friends.

DSCN0122  The Dominican Republic has spectacular cliffs and mountains down to the sea.

DSCN0128  Pool reflections of the nicely decorated dining tables.

DSCN0136    The wedding cake is nicely decorated and ready for the guests.



Salinas , Puerto Rico

salinasmarina  Marina de Salinas is a well run, cruiser friendly marina on the south coast of Puerto Rico, slightly east of Ponce.  It has a small fee to use the pool, the showers, wifi, dingy space, mail and package receipt, etc.  The town is close by with plenty of restaurants and stores.  Major food stores are within a walk or a short bike ride.

DSCN0337  Here is the marina more formal restaurant.  The dinners run around $20 for the entre’ of fresh fish,etc.  A great view, nice glass of wine and dinner with frineds with always a special occasion.

salinaswifisnackbar  The casual snack bar is a great place to meet fellow cruisers.  Salinas is highly transient, but a few do make it their home or cruising base.  No, the $2 large bohemian beer found in the DR are long gone, but the local Medallia is good, it’s light meaning an amber color.  The BBQ on Friday is very good with enough food for another meal or two.  Wifi is free here as well .

freedomnearbysal  Another Freedom as a neighbor, last met them in Luperon.  It’s a small world out here cruising.

jonsosal   Jonso is a liveaboard and owns a local bar right by the marina.  He also recently became a seven seas cruising association station host.  Congrats!

restsalinas    Lots of waterfront bars !   Quiero Cevaza  Por Favor!

mextilesalinas     Mexican tiles is alive and well…different rules sometimes but fun for an afternoon….Where’s the Texas Holdem?

salinsfrigate    Watch out down below…these frigate birds are constantly diving for fish and resting atop the masts.  Messy but great to see the wildlife here.

waterfrontbarsal   Close to the anchorage, a nice waterfront bar overlooking the mangroves and small bays of Salinas.

salinasshuttle   A water ferry takes you to various docks and beaches around Salinas.  You can just take your dingy but lots of locals take it on the weekend.

clubburgees   A common practice among cruisers is to hang your burgee on various island bars you have frequented.  I found Al and Fran’s  SSCA burgee and hung my DIYC one next to it…Who’s next?

salstatue   This metal sculpture is in the village of Luperon.  It depicts men net fishing, but I see more local powerboats  with families aboard on weekends than the traditional fishing boats as found in the DR.



Boqueron , Puerto Rico    a nice anchorage close to the dingy dock and a wonderful village .


It took 3 full days to motorsail from Luperon , DR to Boqueron, PR.  Nice to see a cycling club enjoying the area.


All islands seem to have a great bakery, and Boqueron was not the exception.  Good baked goods and hot sandwiches from this family run business kept the customers coming.


Buddy Jed, a fellow cruiser who has “Gypsy” in Luperon, stepped up and helped me motorsail to PR.  The hyrdrallic ram did act up again, forcing me to repressurize and add fluid to it constantly.  At least we did not have to use the emergency pipe tiller.  Big shouts of thanks to my friend.


Seafood is abundant in the islands, and this street vendor had a nice fresh selection.

boqfriendlybar   So often out cruising, we were met by helpful locals.  This bartender got me the number to clear in on her own cell phone.  So nice to meet friendly, helpful folks.

After a few days, we bid Boqueron farewell, anxious to get to Salinas, my new island home in Puerto Rico.  The night winds were light, a full moon, and a calm sea was a pleasant respite from the strong winds and current on the nose of the past few days and nights.  Salinas here we come.



Cruising to Salinas PR from Luperon, DR next pics soon!

The long awaited weather window to allow me to go from Luperon to Salinas appears to be early next week….planning on a Monday am departure…making Salinas, PR by Wednesday/Thursday.

Will post cruise info and new pictures.  I plan on being in PR for at least a year and using it as a base to explore PR, Spanish, US and British Virgin Islands.  All are welcome to come visit once I am anchored .   Thanks .  Herman

Lobster and Fishing for Profit

dec222014 083

A New England lobster boat is being put in service to place fish and lobster traps in waters off Luperon, DR. Jamie is an experienced fisherman from Canada and has just cleared all the hurdles and is fishing.

dec222014 085

The “Ramon” is equipped with a motorized winch to lift the traps from depths over 100ft. , hopefully loaded with lobster and fish.