Farming in Luperon

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Welcome to Norman’s Dairy Farm, Luperon, DR

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The farm is now home to two and ducks, and they just had 9 ducklings. This pond was built for the ducks to drink water from and enjoy. I hope they use it>


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Norm, originally from New England, married a lovely Dominican, Johnny, and together have found a great life here. They bought this raw land and have slowly turned it into a working dairy farm.

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yes, they plan on eight milking cows and one bull. The offspring are sold off.

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This cow is the mother of a new calf. A cow can give birth to one calf each year, allowing the farmer to add to his milkers and selling off any new bulls.


Cow's Water Trough

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White cane is grown for feed and can also be sold off to other farms. Planting is easy, a trimmed stalk is laid in the ground and soon sprouts appear and grow new plants.


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Dealing with a flooding, drainage problem caused by runoff of adjacent properties, Norman dug these retention ponds , which also stored much needed and precious water.

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Welcome to the farm. These two calves were born on the farm and are kept separated from the cows so that they don’t drink up all the milk. Yes, they are fed and are doing well.



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Fences are naturally made by this cactus, pinion. A great barrier to keep other livestock or your own out of the fields..

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Electric fences are quite effective in keeping the herd out of planted lands as well as discouraging people. I felt the shock , and it did get my attention.

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The milking station was built and is for milking and feeding the cows. Every morning the cows are milked . The milk is sold ,sometimes to make cheese or yogurt.

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After the cane is cut by the workers with their machetes, it is fed into this grinder and blown into the feeding trough. Protein grain is also added to allow the cows a great feed.


We wish Norman and Johnny good luck and are looking forward to returning and seeing the fruits of their labor blossom . Congrats!!








Porta Rosea and Beach Party


Pig Roast in the Making

Ride back to town

Ride back to town

Rows of eating places...all good!

Rows of eating places…all good!

My Beachgoing Friends

My Beachgoing Friends

Beautiful beach enjoyed by all..

Beautiful beach enjoyed by all..

Lobster for all my friends

Lobster for all my friends

Beach fun   .  banana boat ride....

Beach fun . banana boat ride….


Locals enjoying a local beach Santa Rosea


Beach Celebration for the local softball champs!

Beach Celebration for the local softball champs!


Luperon Baseball

dsc_0045Baseball is very popular in the Dominican Republic.  The local cruisers play some locals every Saturday.  We usually lose but afterwards buy some beers and enjoy talking to the Dominican players.


Yes, we had a great day playing baseball.






Luperon Continues 1


Happy Times at Wendy’s

dsc_0195Cruisers and locals lining up for the pork 4th of July cookout.  Yummy!!dsc_0193_0dsc_0135_0dsc_0002

Here is a beautiful beach near the entrance to the Luperon Harbour.  Great place for cruisers to gather, eat and drink, and enjoy the water of the Domincan Republic.


The picture on the top is a view of Luperon Anchorage.  More boats are arriving daily since it’s the most protective anchorage in the Caribbean……..Glad to be here.


Great volleyball on the streets of Luperon, some great local talent as well the fun volleyball group.

Dominican Republic


Greetings from Luperon, the Dominican Republic.  Close to Luperon, is the site that Columbus established a settlement.

s/v Whitewing will be here for hurricane season and then the adventure continues.  Thanks for the visit.  More to come..