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Salinas , Puerto Rico

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salinasmarina  Marina de Salinas is a well run, cruiser friendly marina on the south coast of Puerto Rico, slightly east of Ponce.  It has a small fee to use the pool, the showers, wifi, dingy space, mail and package receipt, etc.  The town is close by with plenty of restaurants and stores.  Major food stores are within a walk or a short bike ride.

DSCN0337  Here is the marina more formal restaurant.  The dinners run around $20 for the entre’ of fresh fish,etc.  A great view, nice glass of wine and dinner with frineds with always a special occasion.

salinaswifisnackbar  The casual snack bar is a great place to meet fellow cruisers.  Salinas is highly transient, but a few do make it their home or cruising base.  No, the $2 large bohemian beer found in the DR are long gone, but the local Medallia is good, it’s light meaning an amber color.  The BBQ on Friday is very good with enough food for another meal or two.  Wifi is free here as well .

freedomnearbysal  Another Freedom as a neighbor, last met them in Luperon.  It’s a small world out here cruising.

jonsosal   Jonso is a liveaboard and owns a local bar right by the marina.  He also recently became a seven seas cruising association station host.  Congrats!

restsalinas    Lots of waterfront bars !   Quiero Cevaza  Por Favor!

mextilesalinas     Mexican tiles is alive and well…different rules sometimes but fun for an afternoon….Where’s the Texas Holdem?

salinsfrigate    Watch out down below…these frigate birds are constantly diving for fish and resting atop the masts.  Messy but great to see the wildlife here.

waterfrontbarsal   Close to the anchorage, a nice waterfront bar overlooking the mangroves and small bays of Salinas.

salinasshuttle   A water ferry takes you to various docks and beaches around Salinas.  You can just take your dingy but lots of locals take it on the weekend.

clubburgees   A common practice among cruisers is to hang your burgee on various island bars you have frequented.  I found Al and Fran’s  SSCA burgee and hung my DIYC one next to it…Who’s next?

salstatue   This metal sculpture is in the village of Luperon.  It depicts men net fishing, but I see more local powerboats  with families aboard on weekends than the traditional fishing boats as found in the DR.