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Welcome to Culebra

Culebra as seen approaching from the west.  Beautiful mountains line the coast.



culebraharb  Inside the harbour, my neighbor is a large sailboat redone as a trawler..

culeharbhomes     Many homes are on the edge of the waterfront.

pirageisland    Pirate island is a closeby and fun to snorkel and look for lobster.


whitewingnewhome   Whitewing is anchored in her new harbour.  It’s over 20 ft. deep and heavy tradewinds blow daily, so lots of  anchor chain out.  This anchorage gets busy in December when the season starts.


culelobstr     Yes, there a lobster in the harbour.  These two decided to join me as dinner….Yummy!


culeliftbridge    This liftbridge used to work.  It goes over the canal that connects the two sides of the island.


cullib     The library is community based and offers good wifi and book exchange.  A few minutes from the dingy dock.


flamingbch    Flamingo Beach is one of the top ten beaches in the world.  Just a $3  bus ride from the dingy dock.  It is located on the northwest corner of the island and gets some good size waves.


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