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A beautiful rainbow in Long Bay, St Ameli Harbour….lots of boats anchored as well as megayachts in Yachthaven Grand Marina…


The local safari taxis provide low cost transportation in St.Thomas,  highest fare is $2…nice outdoor driving experience.



The children’s parade during Carnival is wonderful to watch…go kids!



One of many floats along the waterfront drive.



This boat dragged and ended up holing on the rocks….they had 2 pumps going and towed it .  It was a salvage claim and very expensive for the owner.  Winds blew to 30knots ….often boats drag in this harbour.

DSCN0589   Honeymoon beach on Waters Island is a favorite among the locals. Two beach bars and good music  make this a great sunday afternoon getaway.

^DSCN0588   Honeymoon also has a great “wet” bar.  Grab a beer/drink and come on out!

DSCN0590     The beach is long and beautiful , and is excellent to snorker and view some turtles.


DSCN0584    M:y neighbor in the harbour,  s/v  Mystic out of Connecticut.  Beautiful !


DSCN0536    Fellow cruising friends join me for a hike on historical hassel island….good workout!

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