Writings of Capt. Herman

Greetings from the sail vessel  Whitewing currently exploring the Caribbean.

Capt. Herman has written some good articles on his experiences and these include:

1.CRUISING INSIGHTS….after leaving the states three yeas ago, some simple insights into what works and is recommended .

2.SOLO TO LUPERON….sailing from the Turks and Caicos to Luperon on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

3.RUDE AWAKENING….an interesting article on how to turn an unfortunate experience into a positive experince for all involed.

4.TAMPA TO KEY WEST…turning 50 and challenging himself to solo sail from Tampa to Key West.

5.BOAT SMELLS, SIGHTS AND SOUNDS….using all of our senses to determine if there is a problem that needs attention.

6.MOTORBIKE MOUNTAIN MADNESS….exploring what can happen during an accident descending a mountain on a motorbike.

To obtain the writings and if you’d like to support the Whitewing  Adventure, simply email him at  captbips@gmail.com and he will email you back with directions on how to pay a $5 donation via paypal.

Your generous donation will go towards continuing the “Whitewing” sailing adventure.

Thanks for your support !!!




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