Stain Glass from the Islands

Greetings from Water Island, St Thomas, USVI….

I have met a local artist who makes beautiful stain glass items such as fish, turtles, and also hanging  art with shells.  Below is what I have in stock and availalble .

Having just returned from a visit to friends and family in Florida,  I recommend now is the time to order your stain glass artwork for the holidays.  We have plenty of time to ship to you and also to order new pieces to be crafted.

Please email me at….or call me at  813 334 2731.   Thanks for your continue support of my sailing adventure!


Yes,  you can place an order with me anytime,  just email me at……or call me 813 334 2731.   Thanks..


The artwork is composed of spectrum waterglass  using the copper foil technique.  The colors include sky blue,  deep aqua, and navy blue.


dolphinThis is the dolphin.  It measures  2 ft  x  11″.   Cost is $140.   plus shipping and handling…approx. $30.  SOLD   we can order more!


turtleThe turtle is a fantastic piece……cost is $100 plus shipping and handling.  It measures  18″ x 9″   one left!

tarponThe snook is also a great gift for coastal fisherman.  It measures 22″ x 9″.  Cost is $140   plus shipping and handling.  SOLD   we can order more!

snookThe tarpon is lifelike and has a great glass color.   Cost is $140  plus  shipping.  26″x11″


DSCN5603 (2)   Seahorse #41    4  3/4″ X 10 3/4″

$65  plus shipping and handling


DSCN5606 (2)#42 Seahorse    4 3/4 ” x 10 3/4″

$65  plus shipping and handling





Now for the smaller and less expensive art.


The following are all 4″and make great ornaments….All are $25 plus shipping and handling.

10#10  Sold   …we can get more!

8#8 SOLD   we can get more!

8#8SOLD   we can get more!

9#9  SOLD

7#5 SOLD

4#4 SOLD   we can get more….


5#3  SOLD    can order more!

5#6  SOLD   can order more!

2#2 SOLD

6#7 SOLD

1#1 SOLD


The next group is  six inch shell art…..cost is $35 plus shipping and handling



27#21  SOLD   we can get more…


26#26 SOLD

25#25  SOLD    we can order more

24#25  SOLD   we can order more

10#28  SOLD   we can order more



21#27 SOLD

22#22  SOLD


The following pieces are 5″ x 7″    and have a great look..

cost is $40   plus shipping and handling…

20#20 SOLD  but we can order more!!

18#18 SOLD

14#11 SOLD

12#12 SOLD

16#16  SOLD

15#15  SOLD  we can order more…

17#17  SOLD

11#14  SOLD

13#13  SOLD  we can order more

13#19SOLD    we can get more!


Thanks for viewing my stain glass collection from the islands.

The art work has received a wonderful welcome….and pieces have been sold and also ordered.  Thanks to all for support !!!

I will be adding to my inventory..and will try to update the listing….

This is a new venture for me to try to continue my living the dream on my sailboat in the Caribbean.   All the best to my friends .   Come visit.

My email is

Paypal can be used or checks mailed to my tampa address… me for further info.

Quite a few pieces sold for the holidays….if you see one you like…let me know and I can have the artist create some more…..thanks….

I will be adding to the inventory soon!!